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Carlstitch Guest Towels - Gold, 25pcs

Carlstitch Guest Towels - Gold, 25pcs

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Premium single use napkins that look and feel like linen!

Our luxe hand towels make a statement.

Demonstrate to your house guests that their comfort is a priority by offering a guest towel in your powder room or on the table. These guest towels will leave an impression on even the most discerning user.

  • Retail Pack includes 25 single use guest towels wrapped in cellophane.
  • European Standard Size: 33 x 40 cm
  • Designed in Switzerland.  Made in Italy.

*Eco Saver: All materials (including dyes) are 100% bio-degradable.* Raw material certified by UNI/EN 13432. (Available on all packs of 25 pieces)