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AROMA Cold Air Diffusers
AROMA Cold Air Diffusers
AROMA Cold Air Diffusers
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AROMA Cold Air Diffusers

JIA Inc.
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The legend has it that in Chinese mythology Nuwa is the guardian of Heaven and Earth, hand-crafted mankind from clay. She repaired the pillars of heaven and forged 36501 pieces of mystic stones to patch up the azure sky in order to save human lives. And the "JIA Aroma Aureole Cold Air Diffuser" is derived from this beautiful ancient fable. The essential oil is extracted from the plants that grow on the planet and disperses all-natural aroma that flows all around and lingers between heaven and earth.


1.Add 15 to 20 drops of natural essential oil alongside the opening of the glass sphere and close the lid; Tap finger tip on the switch of the brass surface to turn on with 4 settings on the touch screen control panel; 2 settings to adjust the diffuser on the touch screen. Tap the touch screen 4 times to disable. 
2.Keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes and the aroma can last for 2 to 3 hours; it’s best for indoor use, such as the entrance, living room, bedroom, study room and office. The ideal space is about 216 to 360 square feet. 
3.Auto shutdown after 2 hours and conserve the essential oil effectively. 
4.Power Supply:USB Plug, fit to transfer to general socket adapter or portable mobile charger. 
5.Voltage Range:100~240,Current:200mA,Watts:2.4W. 
6.Recommend to clean once a week, use the plastic tube to drop in moderate amount of alcohol in the diffuser, take out the glass sphere and shake gently; As alcohol and the essential oil residue are blended then pour it out, repeat the steps above until clean. 
7.One year warranty﹝The warranty period and the circumstances are subjected to the terms and conditions on the warranty card provided on the date of the purchase.﹞ 

【Deep Cleaning】 
1. Prepare a heat resistant vessel, i.e. iron or clay pot, and fill hot water to cover the glass sphere. 
2. Add neutral detergent, i.e. dishwashing soap, and soak the glass sphere and the lid for one hour; it’s best to heat to a boil. 
3. As the water cools down take out the glass sphere and the lid and wash well before storing. 


1.Recommend to finish essential oil at once to avoid the inner glass tube clogging. 
2.Please remove the plug before cleaning the diffuser. 
3.If the plug or the power cord is defected or damaged, if the product is broken please stop using the product immediately. 
4.Please do not take apart the built-in components to prevent losing efficacy. 
5.Please keep the diffuser, the power cord and the plug away from water or any liquid and children. 
6.Please make sure that the power adapter input & output be consistent with the power supply system. 
7.Please do not pull or drag the power cord when unplugging. 
8.Please do not remove or jolt or tilt the product while diffuser is in use or the power cord is still plugged to avoid malfunction. 

【Product Warranty】 

*Complimentary repair service will be rejected if any of the following occurs 
(within warranty or not) 
1. Any malfunction occurred three years after the date of purchase. 
2. Deliberately tamper the date of purchase. 
3. Any malfunction caused by external force such as fire, earthquake, windstorm, flood, public nuisance or war. 
4. Any malfunction due to dropping or handling. 
5. Damage caused by scrape marks or dirt on the exterior when in use. 
6. Any malfunction caused by dissembling the parts, alteration and repair. 
7. Expendables such as the diffuser and the lid; spare parts subjected to wear and tear. 
8. Any malfunction due to failure to follow instructions properly.