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Pott "Panado" Bread Knife

Pott "Panado" Bread Knife

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These professional chef and kitchen knives designed by Ralph Krämer, are elegant, ergonomic, and extremely sharp. The Mestro series has the perfect knife size and blade shape for every task.

The thought of cutting bread as easily as butter is one of life’s wow moments. The special serration of the Panado bread knife makes this possible. Light pressure, a simple slicing movement, and the blade cuts precisely and almost weightlessly through the loaf. Spread some butter on the freshly cut slice with the Burrado butter knife and you will be on cloud nine.

The carving of roasted meat used to be an art. It was learned just like dancing and fencing. This art culminated in the cutting-up of poultry in the air, balanced at the end of a carving fork. If nothing else, using the Pott utensils would look more appealing. However, when contemporary food connoisseurs actually use these tools at their table, they do a lot more than enhance their eating experience.

In the old days, outside of Italy, Parmesan cheese was only known as grated and prepacked.

Then, in 1992, Pott introduced the Parmesan cheese knife Picado, and cheese lovers came to know how good this hard cheese really is when it is freshly broken off the wheel or slice. Over time, Formado was developed to enhance the cheese eating experience.